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Sunday, 4 October 2009


So I have started my video making on YouTube! At the moment there is only 1 video up and I'm in the process of uploading another. The video quality on the first isn't the best, but hopefully my camcorder will work and I will be able to post better quality videos.

I'm really nervous to enter the 'YouTube World'. I'm scared of some of the comments I might receive, or even that no-one will watch, but there's no harm in trying!

The reason for uploading onto YouTube is to feel a part of the 'make-up community' a bit more. At the moment I'm a bit of a loner and no-one has yet to read or follow my blog, but I just want to join the community and make some friends who share the same passion as I do. Hopefully some of you guys will find my blog and videos useful or even just fun and enjoyable. =]

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