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Monday, 2 November 2009

GOSH - Darling

OK, so people who follow make-up vlogs and make-up gurus on youtube know the hype behind Gosh's famous lipstick in 'Darling'.

So as Gosh was on 3 for 2 I decided to pick this little lipstick up! Not being a fan of the Barry M 101, and failing to have success with other nude lipstick, I thought I would give this a go and maybe, just maybe I might have some luck with this formula and sheer colour.

Swatching the lipstick on the back of my hand I liked the texture, and the colour was quite neutral, sheer and not too over powering like the 101. Testing it on my lips however it was a whole different story. The same problem that I always have with nudes. The colour was much too lighter than my actual skin tone and made me look like a corpse. The consistency however was lovely and creamy, nourishing & moisturising, but the colour did nothing for me.

Now in the photos I'm about to show you, the colour doesn't look too bad, it looks quite pink, but in reality the colour is extremely pale, and almost white. The whole 'foundation over lips' look does not bode well with me.

Gosh Lipstick - Darling (Top Photo - with flash, Bottom Photo - without flash)

Anyone else have the same issue with this lipstick and nudes? Any suggestions on what colours would suit me?

I feel like I'm missing out and I would love to be able to wear pale pinks, and nudes but I have no such luck in this field :(

Let me know your thoughts & suggestions!!


  1. Hi I think i've just commented on ur Mac and Illamasqua video, nice work! love ur videos!
    and I've tried quite a few nude lipsticks so maybe we could share some tricks I've picked up during this process:
    1. try using a base for ur lipsticks, like the MAC lip conditioner in dim that came out with the D'Squared collection, or if ur lips r not too dry, u could try using a concealer, just a little and blend with ur fingers.
    2. use a natural lip liner, something that's just 1 or 2 shades darker than ur skintone and blend slightly inwards, I use the ELF natural lip liner and blending brush duo with my nudes, but I'm sure u could find lots of dupes easily.
    3. when applying nudes, u might wanna apply little by little, dapping on the lips than blending with fingers or lip brush with each layer, and layer them for the intensity that u want.
    4. top off with a sheer lip gloss, probably within the same undertones with ur lipsticks, like when u're using Gosh Darlin, u might wanna use a sheer gloss with a bit of a pink tone to it, or maybe if ur using Revlon Nude Attitute it will be better to use a sheer gloss with a slight peachy undertone. this helps bring out the nudes and not just a really light, and dead lip look. remember right after u put on any glosses, it might all look a little gross for a couple of minutes, but when ur body heat kinda melt them together, ur lips would look oh-so naturally nude and beautiful.
    5. in terms of the colors, maybe a slightly peachy nude would be easier to work with, coz i do find those work nice with me, so that'd be the MAC creme'D'nude or the Revlon Nude Attitute. but if u're not going for a absolute nude, and just want a bit of a muted look without all the complications and stuff, try MAC Shy Girl or Viva Glam V, I really do like them.
    Overall, please give them a try and hope to see more on ur videos

  2. Thank-you for that! Vert informative. I'll give those a go!! :)

  3. If you have a NARS counter near you, GO!! They have several nudes and glosses that would look so hot on you.

  4. hi, love your youtube channel and am now browsing your site. we have gosh here in canada. i have their lipstick in lambada...LOVE it.

    i personally think corpse nudes hardly look good on anyone. i try to go for more pinky nudes..something closer to my natural lip colour only a tad, tad lighter. my all-time fav nude lip. is rimmel's "airy fairy".