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Saturday, 28 November 2009


Today I went to busy Oxford St in search for American Apparels "Disco Shorts". Already a big fan of the pant versions I decided to go ahead and purchase these bad boys! Now reading reviews for these online I was scared that my ass was going to hang out of them, but trying them on I was confident that these shorts teamed with a thick pair of black tights was the way forward! (ok so my tights of choice arn't all that thick but... hey)

So tonight I'm going to be wearing them out and this is what I'm going to be wearing them with!!

The shorts also come in black and red, but navy was the colour I was drawn to!!


  1. Stop it, Just stop it.

    Yours Nathaniel.

  2. I really don't. You're going to have to break it down for me

  3. why are you so cryptic and mysterious all the time? just say it! lol

  4. ... what to dig myself a hole??? come on H.

    Just stop it, well i will give you the benifit of the doubt, you did wear... a....eye

    Yours Nathaniel

  5. I would so go shopping with you. You are the living embodiment of how I would like to dress. I am just too fat for these styles honestly. LOL. But you are a doll. Keep posting these amazing looks girl.

  6. No don't be so harsh on yourself! Embrace all that you have and make it work! It's all about confidence ;)


  7. whats is your size ? i dont know if i take SMALL ou XSMALL, ?