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Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Hello!! A few of you on youtube asked to see what this Illamasqua Blush looked like on when I showed you guys it in my haul video! The colour is "Lover" for those of you who don't follow me on youtube, and here is a photo of the blusher on!

It's quite a light blusher. That doesn't mean it's not pigmented but the colour is very buildable. It's a peachy looking colour in the pan but on it's got a slight orange undertone.

I think this blusher is great if you like the natural look however I much prefer their blush in "Harlot" and think that they have better colours to offer. However it's still a good colour to have in your collection for those days when you want a little lift to the face but don't want to look too 'done up.' Great formula and a pretty matte shade, but to me it's not "wow".


  1. this suits you hun!
    also love your gorgeous eye make up :)

  2. Thank-you. I wasn't too sure about the blusher. I think it's nicer on someone who has lighter skin tone. Thank-you :)


  3. So what is your favorite Peach/Apricot matte blush colour? I was thinking of getting either Gina by Nars or Lover by Illamasqua. I have large pores so shimmery blushes just accentuate them :( (Orgasm, Coralista etc).